NYAC presents the International Judo Banquet

After a day of intense Judo competition, please join us for our annual Judo Banquet and enjoy dinner, drinks, and socializing with the some of our Olympians, i.e. Kayla Harrison and Travis Stevens, the competing teams, the coaches, and the Sakeman!

Sake is provided by the Sakeman! All sake is imported from Japan and is of the highest quality to match the quality of judo demonstrated at the tournament! Sakeman are ambassadors of sake and want to help spread happiness through sake! Also, every member of the Sakeman team are black belts in Judo and you may recognize the man under the white mask. Banquet will start shortly after the tournament's closing ceremonies.

For more banquet information please contact our banquet manager at blue@gosakeman.com

Kuramoto US is a craft-sake importer based out of Los Angeles and New York. We not only import sake but also help spread Japanese culture through our participation of Judo. Our team is comprised of only Judo players in which we promote our motto of "Work hard, Train hard, Play hard." Our philosophy is that in life, we must work hard no matter what career we choose, train hard to stay healthy and strong, and find time to also relax and have fun. Balance is key. We combine our passion with Judo and sake through a program we call "Sakeman."

Think of us as Power Rangers crossed with Judo players who wear luchadore masks like a sake superhero. We like to bring happiness through sake and spread sake to the masses.

For more information on the sakeman: www.gosakeman.com